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Organic Chicken Available! Distribution Tomorrow!

Posted 4/24/2017 1:06pm by Cindy Pruett.

Whole chicken available tomorrow at distribution.  They are about a fresh as they can be! (Saturday)  Whole birds are ready for your pot or freezer.  We are selling to the public for 8.00/lb., but only 6.00/lb. for CSA members who purchase tomorrow.  Most of the birds weigh approximately 6 lbs.

Freshly dressed organic chicken & Processing Crew:  Farmer Bryan & Cindy, Member Anne Tindell, Intern Katy Shumate and Master Plucker Ian Sims



In your share tomorrow:




Swiss Chard



(broccoli and onions next week!)


Don't forget the eggs, salmon, frozen chicken pieces and Farmer and Chef meals in the big freezer, plus any herbs not in the share - help yourself!